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Kung Fu Hustle

Went to see Kung Fu Hustle yesterday. When I saw Shaolin Soccer last year, I remember thinking it was the best comedy I had seen in years. Well, Kung Fu Hustle didn’t disappoint either. With most of the Shaolin Soccer … Continue reading

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It’s summer…

I feel gooooooood… It’s finally here. After a few false starts, torrential rain and positively chilly winds, Summer has arrived. Glorious sunshine and hypnotising blue skies, it feels good to be living again. Man, it feels good. Perfect temperature for … Continue reading

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Roundhay Park bollard

Roundhay Park bollard Continue reading

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Minghe Morte at the Packhorse

As I said in my previous post, on Monday I went to the Packhorse to see the first “proper” Minghe Morte gig. I saw them at the LIMA showcase last May (more about it here) and really loved their performance. … Continue reading

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An evening of improvised music

Last night I went to the Holy Trinity Church in Leeds for the first LIMA gig since their showcase event last month. Well, actually, I’m not sure whether there has been any gigs in between because their mailing list system … Continue reading

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