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Keep off the ice

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Free jazz at the Packhorse

Last Thursday was time for another gig. The line up was supposed to be Matt Bourne & Christophe DeBezenac followed by Quartet Alpha but half of Quartet Alpha was missing so we got this instead: Matt Bourne, Dave Kane, Chris … Continue reading

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Caution, fragile roof

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They paint portraits

I was browsing around and found this today: Stella & Helps are two artists with two distinctive styles and as they say on the website: “We paint portraits” Some pretty amazing portraits on sale already: Rosa, Martha, Rosa & … Continue reading

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I’ll be brand new tomorrow

Bought loads of stuff yesterday. New clothes, new music, new hair. New hair? Well, no, I didn’t buy new hair, I just got it cut shorter (very adventurous!). Anyway, got some new clothes, hence the new tiny-pic™ in the sidebar … Continue reading

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