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In the train

This is an experiment with on-the-move wireless internet access. GNER offer wireless access (for a small fee) and I decided I’d give it a go. So here goes: a photo taken with my laptop camera, uploaded to Flickr via GNER‘s wireless connection and blogged via Wordpress. And all this from the (relative) comfort of my seat on a moving train. I love technology when it works!

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High up in the clouds

I’m high up in the clouds, on my way to glamorous Limoges. I’m listening to DJ Olive’s set from Rhythm Incursions’ latest podcast and typing this post (offline of course, it’s only a Ryanair flight!). It’s great to be able … Continue reading

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Flickr is right for me

Hello all! Or should it be “Hello me!”. Because as opposed to my other blog 1 Pixel Out, which gets about 9000 visits every month (Yeah!), this blog is visited by mainly one visitor. And that’s me. Well, I do … Continue reading

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Satellite TV versus Ball games

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Barry Adamson is good, I am stupid

I just did something really stupid. Actually, no!! It wasn’t me, it was bad software design. I use this little programme to cut samples out of my mp3 files. It’s called mp3trim and it’s very basic. You choose where the … Continue reading

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